Portrait de Gregory Criteau Photographe par Els Vanopstal
Portrait by Els Vanopstal

What I do :
I am a photographer based in Vendée and I create memories about everything that matters to you.
Your wedding, your family, your couple, your children, your hobby, your craft and …
even your cactus collection.
(I have nothing against cactus collections …)

My style :
Every photo starts with an exchange. It is this exchange between you and me that allows me to accentuate your genuine personality.
Indeed, the goal is to create memories that looks like you and not just to follow a series of poses that are trendy.

How I work :
I chose not to have a studio. In fact, I want your photos to be meaningful to you. This is why the shootings always take place in your home or on the location of your choice.

What I love :
My son
Els Vanopstal (I was not payed nor threatened to say that)
Travel (Call me for your wedding abroad !)

If you want to learn more about my work, book a shoot or just send me a nice word, contact me !


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